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Resource Masterlist: Running Edition

Proper Form:

What to Wear:

How to Fit Running Shoes:

Basic Beginner Tips:

How to Have a Good Run:

Running on a Treadmill:

Aches and Pains:

Training Plans:


Eating for a Run:


Find a Race:

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any tips for how to do improv jazz solos? I'm having a lot of trouble with it. So far I just use notes from the blues scale on the proper fret


OMG This question has to be my favorite because I wrote like an entire page of notes based on a video I watched a few years back. It’s for blues soloing however, but I think it applies
1. Learn licks (such as style, timing and accents) and songs/solos
2. Don’t play scales…
3. Finish a phrase like a sentence such as adding breaks. focus ending a lick on purpose (idk if you heard my cover War Pigs, but yeah that improv solo was a mess and a good example of what not to do lol)
4. Play on the beat (finish a lick on the beat)
5. Exploite chord changes (with good phrasing) ending a lick on the root (or in the chord…)
6. Mix minors and majors (i.e B.B King) with happy and sad licks
7. Use solo themes i.e different ideas for each solo
8. Play shorter solos
9. Sweat every note (every note matters)
10. Be IN the music by adding dynamics

Here’s a video specifically for Jazz solo tips

I really hope I was of some help, and if you have anymore questions the ask box is def. open!!

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raw as hale tbh

manko fit being awesome

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